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We believe in making your dreams and goals a reality and our experts know just how to do that. We can take you from entry level to certified Project Management Professional in just 6 weeks with our Project Management Professional Certification course.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new student, our courses are formatted to fit every learning style. All course material is based on PMI examination requirements and our practice exams are constructed to emulate real world testing scenarios. All class material is accessible to all students for 90 days from the class start date.

I started ANU Consulting to offer individuals a pathway to becoming a certified project management professional. Project management is a role that is consistently in high demand, regardless of the industry. 

Whether you come from a project management background or you are simply looking for a career change, I can teach you how to leverage your current experience into a successful project management career. 



4-day accelerated prep course which contains all of the necessary information to sit for the PMP exam

PMP Mastermind Bootcamp

Self-paced course that can be utilized at anytime

PMP Self-Paced Course

Victoria W.

"Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field, but also down to earth and patient with her clients, creating content that is easily digestible and creating space to go over anything that you may not get at first. She goes above and beyond to help you achieve success as a project manager and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher and mentor"

"Taking Veronica's PMP Mastermind was one of the best investments I have made into myself thus far!"

Kasumi C.

"Veronica is an excellent teacher. She explains the technical terminology in a digestible way and always take time to answer any questions that students had. Not only did she break down all the information for you but she also always made sure you knew she was in your corner. I have already recommended ANU consulting to my family, friends, and peers! "

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting their PMP Certificate!"

Vanessa W.

"Veronica has a way about making everything very relatable. Her teaching is style is easy to understand. Her Mentorship is honestly the Gem of the whole experience. She not only helped me to cultivate the confidence needed to take on projects I would have never done on my own, but she also walked me thru elevating my professional demeanor in ways I would have not been able to do otherwise. She is the G.O.A.T when it comes to professional development. "

"Veronica is the one and only reason I have moved up so quickly in my career. "

Adam G.

"The instructor is very knowledgeable, keeps a good pace, and has a great personality. She is not your typical “monotone robot” instructor. She provides real world examples that of the content and how it can be applied in your project management career. I highly recommend ANU Consulting to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity or to improve their skills!"

"The PMP class was great!"

Alex T.

"I wouldn't have passed my PMP exam without her!!"

"Veronica is amazing!"

Alba A.

"It's great when the instructor can explain complex information easily and make it relatable. After every class I felt more confident and knowledgeable on the PMI terminology and methodologies."

"I definitely recommend ANU Consulting to all my friends and family!"

Our Expertise

With over 10 years of corporate experience, we know what professional organizations are looking for in project managers. Our courses prepare you for the certification exam, and also include professional development components that you can leverage during your career as a certified project manager.

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